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Hyannis Mets Game Stories

Hyannis Mets Game Stories

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Fog Beat Mets 4-3

After morning and afternoon overcast, it was no surprise by the time 7pm rolled around at Veterans Field in Chatham that the foggy night would come into play later on. The teams were only able to play four and a half innings, but it still counted in the record books as a Mets loss. Bryce Stowell (Cal Irvine) got the nod Thursday night against the A's, but just didn’t have it tonight, it was a rollercoaster ride from the get go.

Stowell started off by striking out Addison Johnson (Clemson) on four pitches, then proceeded to walk Kyle Seager (UNC), and got Jermaine Curtis (UCLA) to ground to first. He had an 0-2 count on Allan Dykstra (Wake Forest) but hit him with a breaking ball that got away. With two outs and two men on things weren’t terrible, but anything can happen in this crazy game. Tim Federowicz (UNC) came to bat, with a 1-2 count and on the fence, the ball got away from catcher Francis Larson causing both runners to advance. Things were a little more hairy with an even count and two men in scoring position, however Stowell mangaged to come back with a high fastball that Federowicz couldn’t lay off. In the bottom of the second he settled down and got both Jeremy Synan (NC State) and Scott Lyons (Mt. San Antonio) to strike out, then having Sean O'Brian (Virginia Tech) to fly out to left.

The bottom of the third is when the fog started to come into play. A hard hit ball to left from Andrew Crisp (South Carolina) sparked a rally. Next batter up was Addison Johnson who hit a routine fly ball to Joey Gonzalez (Cal Riverside) in left, but it he lost it in the fog that was being magnified by the lights in Chatham. With Crisp advancing to third on the alleged error on Gonzalez, Kyle Seager came to bat and hit a line drive up the middle to score Crisp. Stowell looked like he was battling back with a 2-2 count on Jermaine Curtis, he threw a fastball a little too far inside hitting the second batter of the game. Allan Dykstra came to bat and three pitches later he hit bases clearing double into the gap in right center that looked like center fielder David Macias (Vanderbilt) and right fielder Shane Peterson (Long Beach State) both had a chance, but once again it looked like both lost it in the horrendous fog.

The Mets put up three runs from a solo homer by James Darnell in the Top of the first, and an RBI triple from Gonzalez that scored Macias, and an RBI single from Peterson to score Gonzalez. However the score might be looking a little different right now if not for a blown call by the second base umpire. Before David Macias, Patrick Long (Georgia Tech) battled back from 0-2 to walk. Never the less, the game was put into the hands of the umpire once again when Macias executed a perfect drag bunt that caught the defense off guard forcing the first baseman to throw to second, but after Long had already reached second the umpire decided to call him out.

Things may have turned out different if not for that call, or if the umpires could have came to the conclusion that when it’s foggy, and playing under the lights, it may be a little hard to pick up the ball. Never the less, I think the call to end the game was correct, too bad it only took them four and a half innings and an unofficial rain delay time of forty three minutes.

Gerald Holland


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