Hyannis Harbor Hawks

Kick Off with Duquette & Veris

Dan Duquette recalled looking out onto his Red Sox infield and seeing it comprised of almost all former Cape Cod League players.


Improvements Planned

The Hyannis Harbor Hawks have received a $700,000 grant to make improvements at Judy Walden Scarafile Field at McKeon Park.


Pepiot Pitcher of the Week

Ryan Pepiot (Butler) has been nearly unhittable over the past week. And on Tuesday he earned recognition for it. The Cape Cod League announced that Pepiot won Coca-Cola Pitcher of the Week.


A call from the Cape

"As he waited, Bradley’s thoughts may have drifted to much earlier in the day, which began with a phone call back on the Cape from Tino DiGiovanni, one of his family hosts in 2009 when Bradley played for the Hyannis Mets."


Journey to the Bigs

Get a small glimpse into what it takes to be part of the Cape Cod Baseball League! Make sure you are watching or set those DVRs, this is something you don't want to miss!

CAPE COD: A JOURNEY TO THE BIGS premieres Tuesday, April 17 on FS1 at 11:00 PM ET.

The special also airs on FOX Sports regional networks on Wednesday, April 18 (check local listings).


Alumni Devin Smeltzer

“We hear hundreds of stories every year about Major Leaguers visiting children in need. It isn't every day, however, that one of those kids ends up becoming a professional baseball player himself.”


Game 7: Shutout Leads to Harbor Hawks Loss

The Harbor Hawks pitching staff combined for three runs given up, four walks, and ten strikeouts on the night.

Samuel Thoresen (Minnesota) started on the mound for the Harbor Hawks, giving up a leadoff double but quickly bouncing back with three outs. Thoresen left runners stranded in both the second and the third, courtesy of his combined four strikeouts in those innings. He then ran into some trouble in the fourth, giving up a two run home run. A strong fifth inning was capped off by an outstanding diving catch from Mitch McIntyre (BYU), helping his pitcher out with a big defensive play. Thoresen ended his solid outing with six innings pitched, two runs given up, and seven strikeouts.

Nick Mondak (St. Johns) took over in the seventh, giving up a solo home run but recovering with three outs due to a strikeout and a great defensive play by Nick Loftin (Baylor). The left hander followed this up with a strong inning, picking off the runner at first and a strikeout to end the eighth. Mondak finished the game with two innings pitched, one run given up, and one strikeout. Center fielder Mitch McIntyre (BYU) took the mound, ending the top of the ninth with two strikeouts and no runs given up.

Not a lot of offense for the Harbor Hawks, the bases were loaded in the first inning but ended up being left stranded. Nick Loftin (Baylor) led the way with two singles in the sixth and eighth innings. Chad McDaniel (Missouri Columbia) backed him up with two singles of his own in the fifth and eighth innings.

Brewster struck first in the fourth inning with a two run home run to right field. They then added another solo home run in the seventh to extend their lead over the Harbor Hawks. The game ended in a three to nothing shutout due to outstanding pitching from the Brewster Whitecaps.

The Harbor Hawks travel to Wareham tomorrow, hoping to get their first win of the season and turn this rough start around. First pitch takes place at 6:45 pm

June 17, 2019

Byline: Rye Keeler

Photo Credits: BeachSpike Photography

Game 5 and 6: Slow Start for Harbor Hawks Continues into Double Header

The Hyannis Harbor Hawks lost twofold to the Brewster Whitecaps in an exhaustive double header. Game five resulted in an 11-5 loss for the Harbor Hawks followed by a 12-4 loss, despite a strong offensive effort in the beginning. Hyannis led both games in hits but fell short with their pitching.

Joe Quintal (Fordham) started on the mound for the Harbor Hawks giving up one run on a single in the first inning. Quintal stepped to the plate in the second inning with an unsuccessful attempt to pick off a first base runner. He closed out a shaky second inning giving up four runs, but picking up a strikeout of Whitecaps second baseman, Coby Boulware (Arkansas). Kyle Murphy (Northeastern) picked up in the fourth inning after one run was given up in the bottom of the third. The Husky pitcher closed out the fourth inning with a strikeout but gave up three runs with a three RBI homerun. Murphy pitched a strong fifth inning but gave up two runs after a wild pitch with a two RBI homerun. Closing out the bottom of the sixth, Murphy tightened up to pitch a perfect inning with one strikeout.

Ian Fair (Northeastern) led the Harbor Hawks offense with a single in the second and sixth inning, followed by singles from Justin Mitchell (Oklahoma) and Jackson Olson (Hartford) in the top of the third. The offense commanded a strong fourth inning when Rigsby Mosley (Troy) scored. Fair then scored a run after a single from Mitchell and was followed with a run from Jared DeSantolo (Florida Atlantic). In a final offensive effort, Trevor Hauver (Arizona) and Hunter Goodman (Memphis) scored in the seventh inning.

Brewster had a stronghold for the duration of the game, scoring one or more runs in every inning but one. While both teams gave strong offensive displays with the Harbor Hawks leading in hits 11-10, Hyannis' pitchers gave the Whitecaps many opportunities for runs.

After a 45-minute break, Hyannis and Brewster faced off for the second game of the night. Alex Garbrick (Morehead) was the starting pitcher for the Harbor Hawks with one run and one strikeout to start the game. After giving up two runs on an error, Nolan Crisp (Florida) subbed in and made his debut in the bottom of third, allowing one run and a strikeout. The Harbor Hawks lost their footing in the fourth when Brewster scored two insurance runs. Crisp gave up two runs in the fifth and three in the sixth, ending with seven runs and six strikeouts.

Mosley returned in the second game with two RBI in the top of the first. Adam Hackenberg (Clemson) followed in the second inning with a homerun, giving Hyannis a leading offensive breakout. Fox Semones (James Madison) closed out the offense with a run from a single hit by Nick Loftin (Baylor).

Both teams played strong offense, Hyannis with ten hits and Brewster with nine. Brewster took the advantage in runs, leading Hyannis 12-4. Despite leading the game into the top of the third, Hyannis gave up runs on errors and walks in the bottom of the inning.

The Hyannis Harbor Hawks hope to redeem themselves as they take on the Brewster Whitecaps again at McKeon Park at 6 p.m. tomorrow.

June 17, 2019

Byline: Kate Massucco

Photo Credits: BeachSpike Photography

Game 4: Rough Eighth Inning Results in Defeat for Hyannis

The Hyannis Harbor Hawks lost a tough one as they were in the driving seat for most of the game. A nine run outbreak in the eighth inning took away the Harbor Hawks lead, resulting in a victory for the Gatemen.

Patrick Fredrickson (Minnesota) started on the mound for the Harbor Hawks, making light work of the Gatemen in the first inning. He then faced some minor trouble in the second, hitting a batter and giving up a run on a two out double. Fredrickson finished with a total of three innings pitched, one run given up, and four strikeouts.

Nathan Lavender (Illinois Champaign) took over in a difficult spot with the bases loaded and only one out. Lavender walked in two runs before getting the two needed outs, including an unconventional tag at home on a wild pitch. He then followed up with solid fifth and sixth innings, maintaining the Harbor Hawks lead at the time. TJ Stuart (Manhattan) started the seventh for the Harbor Hawks, retiring the side and ending with a strikeout. Stuart struggled a bit in the eighth, giving up two runs before being replaced by Kyle Whitten (Virginia). Whitten was faced with a tough task, runners on first and third with only one out. The Gatemen put seven past Whitten before he got out of the inning. Mitch McIntyre (BYU) who started the game at center field, got moved to pitcher to end the game. McIntyre pitched a perfect ninth inning including a strikeout.

The Harbor Hawks offense was led by Brooks Carlson (Samford), who went 2 for 4 with a single and an RBI double in the third inning. He was followed up by Hunter Goodman (Memphis) who also went 2 for 4, with two singles and an RBI on a sacrifice fly. Rigsby Mosley (Troy) also led the way with a solo home run to right center field in the sixth inning. Other contributors include: Mitch McIntyre (BYU) with a single and scoring in the third, Nick Loftin (Baylor) who hit a double and scored in the fourth inning, Trevor Hauver (Arizona State) with an RBI single in the third and scoring himself, and Jared DeSantolo (Florida Atlantic) with three walks in the game and was a run.

The Gatemen struck first, adding a run in the second inning. The Harbor Hawks then responded with a three-run inning in the third, highlighted by an RBI double by Brooks Carlson. Wareham tied the game in the fourth with two more runs, making the score three to three. Hyannis added one run in the fourth and one run in the sixth, before a nine run flare in the eighth by the Gatemen to win the game twelve to five.

The Hyannis Harbor Hawks travel tomorrow hoping to turn things around against the Brewster Whitecaps, first pitch takes place at 2 pm.

June 15, 2019

Byline: Rye Keeler

Game 3: High Scoring Battle Ends in a Tie

Tyler Mattison (Bryant) started on the mound for the Harbor Hawks, and pitched a dominant five innings. He began by giving up a home run on the very first pitch, but quickly settled down afterwards striking out six batters and not allowing another run.

Holt Jones (Clemson) replaced Mattison in the bottom of the sixth, giving up three runs but getting himself out of the inning. Jones gave up two runs in the seventh, ending with a total of three strikeouts. Nick Mondak (St. Johns) took over in a tough spot with the bases loaded and only one out in the bottom of the seventh. The left hander gave up three runs but struck two out in the process to end the inning. Konnor Ash (Missouri Columbia) came in for Mondak, hoping to lock things up for the Harbor Hawks. Ash struck out the side in a stellar pitching display to end the eighth, and followed this up with scoreless ninth and tenth innings to end the game.

On the offensive side for the Harbor Hawks, Hunter Goodman (Memphis) led the way with his two run home run in the sixth inning. Jared DeSantolo (Florida Atlantic) also made a huge impact going 3 for 4 with three singles, one RBI, and being a run twice. Adam Hackenberg (Clemson) added two singles, an RBI, and was a run for the Harbor Hawks. Other notable contributors include Brooks Carlson (Samford) with two RBIs on a single, Nick Loftin (Baylor) with a single and a double, and Mitch McIntyre (BYU) with an RBI.

The Commodores struck early with a first pitch home run to start the bottom of the first, before both pitchers put on a dominant display up to the fifth inning. The Harbor Hawks then responded with a huge pair of innings, scoring three in the fifth and three in the sixth. Falmouth was resilient, getting back in the game with a three run stretch of their own in the bottom of the sixth inning. Trying to regain a stronghold on the game, the Harbor Hawks put up three more runs in the top of the seventh. With a nine to four scoreline it looked like the game was out of reach, but a huge five run inning in the bottom of the seventh allowed for the Commodores to level the score. The game reached a deadlock following the seventh inning, as neither team was able to score. It ended in a nine to nine tie in ten innings, due to a brilliant display of pitching from both Falmouth and Hyannis.

The Hyannis Harbor Hawks will take on the Wareham Gatemen tomorrow at brand new McKeon park, first pitch taking place at 2 pm.

June 14, 2019

Byline: Rye Keeler

Photo Credits: BeachSpike Photography

Game 2: Rough Pair of Innings Leads Cotuit Past Hyannis

The Harbor Hawks lost a tough one tonight, giving up eleven runs with no response to the Kettleers. The pitching staff ended with twelve hits given up, eight walks and eleven strikeouts.

Ben Abram (Oklahoma) started on the mound for the Harbor Hawks, capping off a perfect first inning with a strikeout. He followed this up with two strikeouts in the second inning, before giving up a run in the third on a sacrifice fly and three runs in the fourth on two home runs. Abram ended the game with 3 innings pitched, 4 runs given up, and 4 strikeouts.

Billy Corcoran (Pittsburgh) took over in the middle of the fourth, giving up one run but recovering with a pop out. Corcoran then gave up three runs in the fifth inning with one strikeout but made quick work of the Kettleers in the sixth. TJ Stuart (Manhattan) threw in the seventh, pitching a perfect inning with two strikeouts. Samuel Thoresen (Minnesota) came in for Stuart in the top of the eighth, giving up two runs and striking out three. Nathan Lavender (Illinois Champaign) closed things out for the Harbor Hawks in the ninth, giving up one run off an error and a single.

Hunter Goodman (Memphis) started the Harbor Hawks offense with a double in the bottom of the fifth. Justin Mitchell (Oklahoma) followed this with a walk and was later hit by a pitch in the eighth. Ian Fair (Northeastern) added a single in the bottom of the seventh to cap off the Harbor Hawks offense.

After a stellar start from both pitchers, Cotuit struck in the top of the third on a sacrifice fly. The Kettleers had a big run in the fourth inning scoring four, followed by an additional three runs in the fifth. They later added two runs in the eighth and one run in the ninth, ending in an 11-0 victory for Cotuit.

The Hyannis Harbor Hawks look to move on from this one as they play the Brewster Whitecaps at home tomorrow, first pitch takes place at 6:00 p.m.


Byline: Rye Keeler

Photo Credits: Beachspike Photography

Game 1: Harbor Hawks Let Lead Slip Late

The opening night matchup between the Hyannis Harbor Hawks and the Chatham Anglers was a close one, but the Anglers stole it late winning 5-4 in 10 innings. The pitching staff totaled 13 strikeouts, giving up 8 walks and 10 hits.

Joseph Quintal (Fordham) started the game for the Harbor Hawks, pitching a solid three innings with two strikeouts and only one run given up.

Konnor Ash (Missouri Columbia) then took over in the top of the Fourth. He started off hot, striking out the first four batters he faced. He then ran into a bit of trouble, walking and hitting a batter, followed by a wild pitch advancing the runners to second and third. Ash quickly recovered with his fifth strikeout in two innings, ending the top of the fifth. Ash ended the game with a total of 6 strikeouts

Kyle Murphy (Northeastern) took the mound in the top of the 7th pitching a solid first inning, before giving up two runs in the 8th. Nick Mondak (St. Johns) then came in to a difficult situation with runners on second and third with no outs. He pitched a spectacular 8th inning, maintaining the Harbor Hawks lead, racking up the three outs he needed. Kyle Whitten (Virginia) came in to close things out, pitching two innings; giving up a run in the ninth and tenth, while striking out three.

On the offensive side for the harbor hawks, short stop Jackson Olson (Hartford) led the way hitting 3 for 4 with two RBI doubles. He was closely followed by Mitch McIntyre (BYU), who went 2 for 4 and scored twice as a result of his excellent base running. Other notable contributors included: Jared DeSantolo (Florida Atlantic) doubled in the bottom of the fourth, Rigsby Mosley (Troy) with an RBI sacrifice fly in the 2nd, and Adam Zeratsky (Judson) who scored in the top of the eighth.

Hyannis started off on the front foot, striking first in the bottom of the 2nd. Chatham then responded with a run of their own in the top of the 3rd. The Hawks retook the lead in the top of the 4th on back to back doubles, before they added a two run surge in the top of the eight. Hyannis led for most of the game, but unluckily lost the lead with a combined 3 runs given up in the 8th and 9th inning. The game went on to extra innings but was ended in the tenth, as the Anglers were able to tack on to their comeback efforts without a response from the Hawks.

Although the result didn't favor Hyannis, their performance is encouraging for the rest of the season.

The Hyannis Harbor Hawks will take on the Brewster Whitecaps at home tomorrow night, first pitch beginning at 6:00 pm.

June 10, 2019
Byline: Rye Keeler
Hawk Talk - Falmouth vs. Hyannis