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The best collegiate baseball players in the country will be headed to Cape Cod this summer and are looking to join your family as they chase their dreams of becoming a major league baseball player.


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A First Year Host Family Experience
Posted Mar 20, 2021

Stephanie and Grant Tarbox have two sons Ben (16) and Jack (12). Both boys are avid baseball players and HUGE fans of the sport. For years, the boys begged to host a Cape League player but there just wasn't enough space. Until last year. In December of 2018 after moving to a bigger house the first question from the boys was "Can we host this summer?"

Thus started the Tarbox family's first summer of hosting a Harbor Hawk player. With baby steps they learned they would be hosting Hunter Goodman from the University of Memphis. He signed on as a temporary player who would be replaced by Adam Hackenberg from Clemson when he arrived. Both boys were catchers and Ben and Jack were thrilled because the boys both pitch. It was a perfect match from the start. So perfect, in fact, that Hunter quickly became a member of the family and when Adam arrived nobody could even consider letting Hunter move in with another family! Thankfully, there was enough room at home for the addition of a second player and what was once a family of 4 expanded to a family of 6.

Here is what Stephanie had to say about hosting:

"People warned Grant and I about how much they eat, but with two boys of our own, we simply doubled up our recipes. Just typical boys and their appetites! My bigger concern was transportation for an additional member of the household. I was already running around like crazy getting my two sons to practices and baseball games. How would I ever manage a third and now, fourth person? I quickly learned that these guys were pretty self-reliant. They were able to work out their own rides with no problem. The Harbor Hawks are a team, on and off the field. The players with cars gladly assist those without and the families find that they are not at all involved in transportation."

There are many memorable moments from last summer that will stick with us. Of course watching Hunter and Adam play and seeing why they were selected was amazing. They are both unbelievably talented ball players and being able to see them hit multiple balls out of the park at Fenway day and seeing them standing on the field was amazing! What I thought was best was watching the interaction with Ben and Jack. The 4 of them played lots of miniature golf, did a little fishing, shot hoops in the driveway, all of the typical boy stuff. The best nights were movie nights, When they would all crash on the couch, laughing and teasing each other like four brothers. These kids truly became part of our family.

I would highly recommend housing because it creates a summer full of fun memories and you get to watch some amazing baseball. It is an incredible experience for your children and why NOT open your home to a future major league ball looking for a home away from home for the summer while he chases his dreams?

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